Knee Kicker

Product: # 031201

Group: # 21120

  • Additional row of pins and nap strip offer more gripping surface
  • Engineered bumper pad significantly reduces knee shock
  • Smooth, precise dial adjustments

Carpet Seaming Iron

Product: # 031204

Group: # 21124

  • "Comb Profile" forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams
  • Streamlined, low profile design allows for easy carpet seaming
  • Grooved non-stick base for fast, easy clean-up

Stair Carpet Tool

Product: # 031208

Group: # 21125

  • Heavy duty blade easily sets carpet into stairway crevices
  • Use to set carpet into tack strip, drive carpet into gullies and crease carpet along wall line

Carpet Stretcher

Product: # 031210

Group: # 21132

  • Stretch up to 38 ft. of carpet with extension poles included in kit.
  • Low profile head with sidekicking platform makes it compatible with a knee-kicker
  • Variable pin penetration for different carpet thicknesses
  • Ideal tool for installation or for reviving existing carpet that has wrinkles or bubbles

Electric Carpet Stapler

Product: # 031214

Group: # 21128

  • Low profile head allows easy access in tight places, particularly stairs
  • Hardened driver mechanism that shoots 20 gauge, 3/16" crown staples
  • Heavy 14 gauge, 12 ft. power cord offers maximum power and provides a wider range of travel without extension cords
  • Powerful 15 amp solenoid delivers more power to drive staples deeper

Tile Roller 100 lb

Product: # 031218

Group: # 21174

  • All rollers float independently on the axle to compensate for subfloor inconsistencies
  • Removable 30 in. handle for easy transport and convenient storage.
  • Heavy duty roller for pressing flooring evenly into adhesive.
  • Rubber grips for comfort.