Square Buff Sander

Product: # 032204

Group: # 23135

  • The Design allows the DIYer to accomplish the work of a rotary polisher without knowing how to run one!
  • Perfect for Sanding outdoor decks

Floor Drum Sander

Product: # 032202

Group: # 23131

  • The tilt action for the SL-8 allows for more controlled and even sanding when compare to other machines available to the rental trade. When you sand forward and backward with the SL-8, you can be assu
  • The DIYer can achieve professional results on their own at a fraction of the cost
  • The 1 hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with our unique cam locking system combine to work like a professional sander. The sandpaper is held between 2 spring-loaded cams. The slow (1800 RPM
  • Motor : 1800 RPM, 1 hp

Floor Edger 7 in

Product: # 032201

Group: # 23130

  • The oversized vacuum fan and chamber work together to achieve superior dust pick up.
  • Motor delivers 3600 RPM for the fast, smooth cutting.
  • Designed and engineered to stand up to the toughest customer, the SL-7 delivers excellent results. It’s built to give tip performance on the toughest jobs.
  • Weight : 30 lbs

Orbital Sander 18 In

Product: # 032203

Group: # 23134

  • Convenient Lifting Handle 50 Ft. Gray Rubber Covered Power Cable.
  • Heavy Cast Chassis gives weight to sanding pad.
  • Cast Aluminum Pad Driver with 12 in x 18 in sanding surface area
  • 1 HP Totally Enclosed Dust Free Motor
  • Sand Paper Sold Separately

Sub Floor Stapler

Product: # 032210

Group: # 23163 & 23

Manual Floor Nailer 1 In to 1 3/4 In

Product: # 032206

Group: # 23155

  • Excellent for thinner 3/8 in to 5/8 in tongue and groove flooring along with certain 3/4 in exotic hardwood applications.
  • Includes a cast aluminum body and nail channel, non-marring flooring shoe, and precise 45 angle for precise nail placement.
  • A single blow drive system offers extreme durability and simplicity to minimize maintenance costs.

Air Floor Nailer 1 to 1-3/4 in

Product: # 032208

Group: # 23166

  • A fully adjustable foot allows for precise height adjustments to fit a wide variety of floor thicknesses.
  • Drives 1" to 1-3/4" leg 18 gauge L shaped flooring nails.. Comes complete with non-marring white mallet The all new power roller is designed with precision bearings to glide smoothly across flooring w
  • Uses 16 gage cleats for the installation of Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring.

Flooring Face Nailer

Product: # 032205

Group: # 23150

  • Width : 16in