Drill 1/2 in

Product: # 081202

Group: # 22511

  • Contractor-grade cast aluminum gear housing, adds durability and efficiently dissipates heat
  • Form fit palm grip, designed to comfortably fit in hand for improved control with minimal vibration
  • 9 Amp motor, forcible power combines high speed with optimal torque
  • Oversized reversible switch and trigger lock, conveniently located for continuous uninterrupted operation

Palm Sander

Product: # 081210

Group: # 22562

  • Easy-to-palm handle, provides smooth touch and less fatigue
  • Accepts pressure sensitive and self-adhesive pads, to facilitate quick and easy sandpaper changes
  • 4-3/8" x 4" pad size, optimal for fine finish sanding applications
  • 1.4 Amp motor, heavy-duty power for the toughest sanding jobs

Jig Saw

Product: # 081213

Group: # 22571

  • Blade changing system, requiring no tools for quick and easy replacement.
  • Stroke length of 1", ideal for any woodworking applications.
  • Electronic Speed Control Dial, for optimized speed per job.
  • 5.8 Amp motor, intense power for the toughest woodworking jobs.

Reciprocating Saw

Product: # 081214

Group: # 22572

  • Innovative molded front cover for increased safety and control
  • Two finger variable speed trigger for ease of operation and optimal cutting power in every situation
  • Powerful 10-Amp motor powers the saw to 2,800 strokes per minute

Belt Sander

Product: # 081208

Group: # 22560

  • Wear-resistant V-belt drives the sander for double the service life.
  • Soft elastomer grip surface on the main and auxiliary handles for a comfortable and secure hold.
  • Variable speed dial adjusts speed from 820-1,475 ft/min for improved manageability during any operation.
  • 9.0 Amp, 1020W motor produces forcible power for the toughest sanding jobs.

Circular Saw 7.5 in

Product: # 081215

Group: # 22773

  • 10.1 lbs, lightweight design facilitates maneuverability and ease of transport
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy, one-piece base, offers easy to read front and side scales for accurate measurement
  • 15 Amp motor, forcible power for the toughest cutting jobs

Compound Mitre Saw 12 in

Product: # 081217

Group: # 22982

  • Micro miter and micro bevel adjustment knobs to dial-in to precise angles
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor with 1,850 Watts of max output power to tackle tough cutting jobs with ease
  • Revolutionary compact slide system allows the saw head to slide along fixed rails, eliminating the need for rear clearance

Compound Mitre Saw 10 in

Product: # 081218

Group: # 22979

  • Large extended flip fence, raises to 4" for cutting crown molding vertically
  • Horizontal handle with soft, vibration reducing Elastomer grip adds comfort and control
  • 15 Amp motor, intense power for the toughest cutting jobs

Mitre Saw 15 in

Product: # 081220

Group: # 22576

  • Depth of cut at 4-3/4" x 7-9/32", allows molding to be cut standing vertically
  • Gear case center beam support, provides longer tool life and better cutting accuracy
  • Electric brake feature, halts the rotation of the blade within seconds preventing unintended cuts

Circular Saw 16 in

Product: # 081216

Group: # 22474

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 2,200 RPM for enough power to cut through pressure treated lumber
  • Weighs only 28.7 pounds for ease of operation
  • Large capacity blade cuts 6-1/4-inches at 90 degrees and 4-3/16 inches at 45 degrees