Gas Monitor

Product: # 104060

Group: # 28570

Chain Wrench

Product: # 104005

$ 9

Pipe Cutter

Product: # 104010

Group: # 25735

Pipe Stand and Vise

Product: # 104015

Group: # 25738

Manual Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Product: # 104020

  • Handles from 1/2 inch to 3 inch pipe size; 6/25 inch max. pipe wall thickness
  • Simple manual operation for ease of use; no external power needed. Rotating stand locks into three positions for stability and versatility. Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder capable of bending Schedule 40
  • 20 ton limit

Pipe Threading Die Set

Product: # 104025

  • Includes 12-R die heads, ratchet assembly, ratchet handle and alloy dies
  • Model 12-R Covers 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inch
  • Ratchet Type 1/2 inch to 2 inch Dies

Pipe Threader Electric

Product: # 104030

  • Uses Model 816/817 semiautomatic, Model 815A self-opening or Model 811A quick-opening die heads.
  • Can be used with geared threaders Models 141 and 161.
  • Large chip tray.
  • Speed chuck with rocker-action jaws centers and grips work piece instantly.

Soil Pipe Cutter

Product: # 104035

Group: # 25736

  • Makes repeated cuts quickly.
  • Provides one stroke cutting of 1 1/2 in to 6 inch service weight,
  • No Hub soil pipe, clay and concrete pipe.

Pipe Inspection Camera

Product: # 104050

Group: # 25771

  • Kit includes an 8 in LCD color monitor for crisp, clear pictures, a full keyboard for on-screen titling, on-screen distance counter, built-in voice over unit, date and time stamp, picture inverter, LE
  • he upgraded Gen-Eye SDN gives you all the features of a full size video inspection system in a compact, portable package.
  • The self-leveling color camera automatically keeps your picture right side up as the camera glides through the line. You always have an upright picture on the monitor, making it easier for you and you