Grade Level Laser

Product: # 105010

Group: # 22742

Laser Level

Product: # 105020

  • is ideal for professionals tasked with residential and commercial applications such as installing cabinets, drop ceilings, chair rails or doors and windows.
  • Built-in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces
  • 3-Beam Line Laser to aid in 90 degree layout

Transit Level Package

Product: # 105040

  • 360 degree horizontal circle with vernier scale for precise measuring of horizontal angles
  • Heavy-duty leveling base is fast and easy to set up and level
  • Transit capability allows user to determine vertical angles

Laser Kit with Detector and Tripod

Product: # 105060

Group: # 22740

  • Standby mode allows the user to pause the laser while transitioning from horizontal to vertical
  • Digital laser detector extends interior and exterior range to 600-feet
  • Horizontal self-leveling for quick and easy set-up