Light Balloon 1000 w/stand

Product: # 172101

Group: # 24972

  • 360 Degrees of glare-free illumination with standard balloon.
  • Quick restrike time - 3 to 5 minutes.
  • The powerful 1000 W metal halide lamp offers maximum brightness without glare. That makes it particularly suitable for road building sites.
  • Light coverage up to 150 feet.

Light Tower 5000 Watt Vertical Mast

Product: # 172105

Group: # 24971

  • Lamps are hung individually and are fully adjustable.
  • An area of approximately 30,400m_ is illuminated by four 1,000 Watt metal halide lamps.
  • The large-capacity fuel tank permits a continuous lighting/run time of up to 73 hours between fills.
  • Three leveling jacks ease the positioning of the unit and improve its stability on uneven terrain and in windy conditions.
  • Operating weight : 2030 lbs.

Light Tower 5000 Watt

Product: # 172110

Group: # 24970

  • Mast-mounted base winch can be cranked while the operator is standing (eliminates bending) for improved ergonomics and easy operation. Some models feature dual power winches for quick set-up.
  • Four-point jack stands provide for easy leveling, stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.
  • Elliptical light fixtures offer excellent job site illumination that is diffused and more uniform without the harsh spotlight effect of standard light fixtures.